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Safety for the Supervisor

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Do you have a company safety representative? Does this Safety Representative have a thorough understanding of OSHA? Do you need some clarification of some of the most frequently cited OSHA standards? Need some help starting a new safety program? This is your answer!

This is a full-day (8-hour) course intended to assist newly assigned or inexperienced Safety Representatives a better understanding of some common OSHA standards. Included are: Hazard Communication, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens (for non-healthcare), Emergency Action Plans and Fire Prevention Plans, and General Safety.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is charged with being a designated Safety Representative, at any level, that has little experience with safety and OSHA. Anyone who may want a "layman's" explanation about the above safety topics. Examples include Human Resources personnel, plant managers, production managers, site supervisors, safety committee members, and small company owners.

What's Covered

As mentioned above, the main topics discussed include: Hazard Communication, also known as "Right to Know" or "MSDS" training, which discusses labeling, material safety data sheets, storage of hazardous materials, and the like; First Aid and Blood borne Pathogens (for non-health care facilities) is a break down of the short and misunderstood requirements of "first aid", kits, and eyewash stations, and the lengthy and confusing standard about exposure to bodily fluids; Emergency Action Plans are required for each company and cover the planned response to ANY foreseeable emergency; finally General Safety topics such as who OSHA is, how an inspection works, when they can or will come in, what basic documentation is necessary, and such.

Material Included

A Safety for the Supervisor Binder given to each attendee of this course. This binder contains breakdowns of the OSHA standards that pertain to each of these topics. It also contains some more "user friendly" documents to assist the Safety Representative with further understanding and compliance with OSHA requirements. There are Sample Programs listed for each of these topics at the end of the binder

After the Class

Any further assistance can be given via email or the phone with the Instructor that presented this course.

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