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Respirator Training and Fit Testing


OSHA mandates respirators if there are health hazards present.  Respirators are one of the top 5 cited violations by OSHA.  Respirator fit tests must be performed annually.  Complete Safety Concepts offers both qualitative (sweet, bitter, or irritatant smoke) fit testing and quantitative (using 8020 PortaCount or the like) fit testing methods.


About employee training

  • A pulmonary function test should be completed prior to training
  • Training MUST include site or operation specific hazards
  • Respirators should be selected and available prior to training and fit testing
  • ALL persons must be cleanly shaven BEFORE being allowed to fit test
  • A report will be sent showing employees, respirator type / size and date
  • Training and Fit Testing is required ANNUALLY


What’s Covered

  • Health hazards present and symptoms of potential exposure
  • Proper fit and use of the respirator
  • Proper cleaning and storage of the respirator
  • Training is classroom and will have a quiz
  • Fit testing is done for each individual required to wear a respirator


What’s Included

Upon successful completion of the course and / or fit test, the employer will be sent:

  • Attendance List
  • Employee quizzes
  • Report of respirator sizes and date of fit test


Complete Safety Concepts will also contact the company each year to remind you that employees are due for Refresher Training / Fit Testing, as required by OSHA.