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Lock Out / Tag Out Training (Control of Hazardous Energy)

Lock out / tag out (LOTO) is one of the most frequently cited OSHA violations each year.  Proper written plans, specific procedures, and training are vital for every company with hazardous energy.  Complete Safety Concepts helps with all of the requirements of this standard in an understandable and suitable manner.


About employee training

  • Training must be conducted for all Affected and Authorized employees
  • Training is SITE and EQUIPMENT specific
  • Periodic inspections must be performed at least ANNUALLY
  • Retraining must be done if any new sources or uses of energy are presented
  • Classroom instruction with written quiz
  • Actual machine lock out (hands-on) following procedures


What’s Covered

  • The recognition of applicable hazardous energy sources
  • The type and magnitude of the energy available in the workplace
  • The methods and means necessary for energy isolation and control
  • Tagging versus locking
  • Devices available and proper use of them
  • Steps to a LOTO procedure


What’s Included

Upon successful completion of the course, the employer will be sent:

  • Attendance List
  • Employee quizzes
  • Evaluation of your written program and procedure format