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Hazard Communication / MSDS Training

OSHA mandates that every employee exposed to ANY physical or health hazard in the work place be trained.  Complete Safety Concepts has innovative training programs, customized to your work place hazards, that keep employees informed and involved.


About employee training

  • OSHA mandates EVERY employee be trained about hazards present
  • Training must be done upon hire or potential exposure
  • Regular training is needed if hazards or chemicals change and for reduced injuries and illnesses
  • Training is classroom based and typically includes a quiz
  • Training is conducted at your site, around your schedule


What’s Covered

  • What health and physical hazards are and how to protect against them
  • Any personal protective equipment or procedures must be included
  • The basics of a Material Safety Data Sheet and your company’s organization of them
  • Labeling systems and requirements
  • Customer requirements for labeling, MSDSs and containers


What’s Included

Upon successful completion of the course, the employer will be sent:

  • Attendance List
  • Employee quizzes
  • Evaluation of your current MSDS and labeling systems


Complete Safety Concepts will also contact the company each year to remind you that employees are due for Refresher Training, to ensure full compliance with OSHA.