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 Safety Services Offered

Do you need Safety Services?

  • Are you a Human Resources or General Manager that’s been given the overwhelming task of maintaining a compliant and effective Safety Program?
  • Have you been cited by OSHA or your insurance company for safety deficiencies?
  • Are you looking for general help with parts or all of your safety program?
  • Would you like to save money on injuries and workers’ compensation costs?

Complete Safety Concepts is your solution!

On-Demand Safety Director

We visit your site to aid in the maintenance and improvement of your

overall Safety Program on a monthly or quarterly basis.

How we can help:

  • Evaluate your current programs / policies
  • Develop required and desired safety programs / policies
  • Develop and deliver training classes and meetings
  • Assist with Root Cause Analysis and Accident Investigation
  • Act as a liaison between your company and OSHA or the Insurance Company
  • Create a safety culture
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Reduce Workers’ Compensation

Safety Meetings

Regular Safety Meetings are essential to an effective safety program. However, development, tracking, and delivery of these meetings can be a challenge. We offer customized Safety Meetings formats for your staff that include tips and useful information


How we can help:

  • Evaluation of your needs and the topics most pertinent
  • Development of a Safety Meeting schedule that works for your needs, around production schedules
  • Visual reminders of the current Safety Meeting topic to hang in your facility
  • Assistance with tools used to encourage and enforce the Safety Policies
  • Creative presentations of topics to peak interest and retention
  • Documentation of Safety Meetings for your records

OSHA 300 Log Review

The OSHA 300 log and 300A summary are required for many businesses. Changes to reporting requirements are also in the works. We will help you ensure your tracking is accurate and up to date.

This can be done quarterly or annually, prior to the posting dates.

Assistance with OSHA

Has OSHA been to your facility? Have you received a letter stating that your industry / company is a focus for OSHA inspections? Are you prepared for an inspection, should it occur? Do you know when OSHA can come in or what your rights are during an inspection? Complete Safety Concepts has the experience to deal with these situations and help get the best outcome for your company.

How do we do this?

  • Review any OSHA citations and assist with correction / abatement
  • Be present for OSHA inspections that are scheduled
  • Appear at the closing conferences to help state your case and reduce fines
  • Develop a contingency plan for if and when an OSHA inspector appears at your door

Incident Reporting, Investigation and Reduction

In 2009, there were 4,551 work related fatalities. There were 3.3 Million injuries and illnesses reported, as well. Though this is a reduction from the prior year, it is incredibly costly to companies that are struggling. Reporting and investigating these incidents are critical to future prevention and cost reduction. But that requires a well-developed Reporting and Investigating System.

How we can help:

  • Review of existing Accident, Incident and Near Miss Reporting System
  • Review of past incidents for trends and corrections made
  • Development of a comprehensive system for reporting and tracking of incidents
  • Assistance with investigation of incidents
  • Aid with OSHA Recordkeeping requirements

Customized Solutions

Each company has different needs in regard to an effective Safety Program. It may be the need to having an interim Safety Director on site. Or it may be an annual checkup and program review. Maybe a contractor is requiring a minimum written Safety Program to bid on a job. Complete Safety Concepts can help you with any of your safety needs. Even if you just have a safety question and need assistance via email or phone, Complete Safety Concepts is your resource. We strive to Keep Safety Simple and ensure your workers leave at the end of the day in the same or better condition that they arrived. A safe environment will make your company more effective and more profitable in the long run.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve a Safer Work Environment.  www.completesafetyconcepts.com